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Summer plants.

The rain has been good to my tomatoes recently. It's pouring right now too. Today, I'm enjoying part of one of my tomatoes on my chicken sandwich. I think I had knocked it off the plant with the hose during the weekend when I washed the dogs. It was still green then but has turned a nice shade of red, ripening by the fish bowl in the kitchen. Mmm.

My other plants are enjoying the weather, too. These are two poinsettias I collected from a neighbor's trash pile in January. What I learned is that these are tropical plants, and there's no reason to throw them away after the holidays. So these have been living in the backyard, and they will move with me to our new place. They'll be put into the house at Christmas, and hopefully by the change of temperatures they'll be red again. They're huge and hardy plants. A bit of watering now and then, and they're doing great.

Mostly lately I've been staying around the house, enjoying the destress time. I've got a few crochet and knit projects going, which are keeping me busy. This one was finished a few months ago. It's cozy and so soft after it was washed.

I hope you're having a lazy, enjoyable Friday afternoon.



Sport loves a good hose.

Sometimes he can be cute, I guess.


7 things.

7 people you'd like to meet dead or alive

Brian Jacques, Sharon, Lucy, Bertie Meadows; I can't think of three other people. 

7 places you would like to visit

The UK, Australia, Alaska, South America, Ireland, Japan again, New Zealand

7 things you would like to make

A patchwork quilt, knit baby sweater, bunting for my new laundry room!, a quilt from Dave's old cut-up polo shirts, a cabled knit afghan, homemade pizza, a raised vegetable garden 

7 things you would like to own

a Siamese cat, more sock yarn scraps, a white kitchen hutch, a bread machine, iron bed, French doors, Cath Kidston stuff 

7 Things that annoy you

when storms go around this area, misplaced punctuation, rudeness, dogs/cats being underfoot, loud people, being late, having to wait on other people 

7 films I love

You've got Mail, Employee of the Month, 10 Things I Hate About You, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, The Lion King (don't judge), Napoleon Dynamite  

7 things that delight

blankets, How I Met Your Mother, a day to laze about, baths, new shampoo, beautiful gardens, memoirs

7 favourite songs

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Someday - Rob Thomas
Little Wonders - Rob Thomas
Broken - Lifehouse
Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
Dirty Laundry
Dreams - The Cranberries


Cotton cheeryness.

I realized a few weeks ago that I'd completely forgotten to share this, probably my largest and most loved project yet. It cost nearly $200 to make, six months to crochet and more than 60 balls of yarn ordered from the UK from a German company. Since I've finished this, I learned three of my favorite colors in this have been discontinued. So I got lucky.

blankety goodnessCollapse )

Plans....or lack thereof.

Last week, Dave called and told me the district he had interviewed with offered him at job at one of their high schools - and he accepted. Yay! He finally has a job and we can for the most part put college behind us. We spent three years of college in a long-distance relationship, so we feel like a difficult chapter of our lives is behind us now.

wedding drivel.Collapse )


Photo post.

We haven't done much recently worth sharing, and I've been neglecting my LJ. So here are some photos I've taken recently. Some behind the cut.

photosCollapse )


Springtime wool hats

Pattern: Gillyweed
Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Worsted in tidepool heather and pebble
Needles: 6

Finally a bit about what I've been up to. I've neglected this page for awhile.

These beanies were fun to make, and I only needed 1 ball of each color for both. But they're too small for me, so they will be saved for the future, whatever that will be. Maybe they'll be given away, maybe not. They are wool, so they can't be thrown into the wash, so I can't give them to any charities because they usually take only machine washable/dryable items. Poo.

But I won't cry over six dollars for two wool hats and some hat-making and fair isle experience.


Homemade alfredo sauce.

Remember the strawberry ice cream David and I made? We had some heavy whipping cream leftover, and I was searching for a recipe that would use some of it. I settled on another Betty Crocker recipe - alfredo! It came together so easily. With just whipping cream, butter and grated parmesan, you can make an artery-clogging, gooey experience of cheesy bliss. It was so rich that if I make it again, I'll have to put less cheese in, and less butter.

But oh my was it good. I took this bowl of heaven outside on the patio to enjoy, with Biscuit begging as usual. When I finished it, I looked at her and told her, "Wow was that good, pup." I think she believed me.

If you'd like your own bowl of bliss, wander on over to Betty Crocker's fettucine alfredo page.

This is simple to make, but I would try a few things next time: less butter, less cheese, melt cheese longer. And it's really best the first serving, not refrigerated unfortunately. It congeals into a cheese mass, but you can pop it in the microwave if you need to store it. Just watch it closely and stir it every 30 seconds.

In the backyard.

Last night I let Jasmine outside before I went to bed as usual, but while I waited for her on the porch, I noticed something...shiny. Round and orangey. I got closer and noticed it was a snail. I've only ever seen one snail before here, a dinky one with a much different shell. I took an embarrassingly large amount of pictures of this guy. Unfortunately there wasn't great light where he was, so I was forced to use the flash. Please excuse the odd orange tinge.

snail, tomatoes and knittingCollapse )



Remember the photos of the nest I took recently? They've hatched, and the babies are doing well.

The older they get, the cuter they get. At first they looked like little fuzzy aliens. Now they're maybe a week away from flying and have little fuzz left.

We're still not sure what type of birds they are. The mother looks like a sparrow, and the father is bigger with a reddish head and breast. But he's not a robin or a cardinal; I know what those look like. Any ideas?